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T-Level Management and Administration

Our Facilities

Students spend 80% of their time in a classroom environment at UAH. Our well-equipped teaching classrooms are housed in the brand new T Level block which provides students with a wealth of opportunities to learn and practise skills in a purpose built facility. All Management and Administration students are provided with a laptop to use for the duration of their T Level course.


Students are expected to wear smart work attire to school as well as their distinctive purple T Level lanyard.


We have forged close working relationships with the following providers who have engaged with the T Level Management and Administration programme:

Continuing Undergraduates | University of Lincoln



The Course:

Students will develop an understanding of a broad range of issues relevant to the sector, including:

  • business context – an overview of organisational cultures and values, different types of internal and external stakeholder, different forms of governance and the impact of organisations on society and the environment
  • project and change management – an understanding of the common change management theories and models and how to support and improve projects
  • business behaviours – the importance of good communication and adapting social communication styles to professional standards and according to purpose, medium and audience
  • quality and compliance – the importance of maintaining and improving quality in all aspects of public and private sector organisations

In addition to the core content, each student is required to specialise in:

  • business support

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