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T-Level Health

Our Facilities

T Level Health is delivered in our state-of the-art simulated hospital wing in our dedicated T Level block where students are provided with a unique clinical experience whilst working in a school environment. The hospital suite has several beds with electronically controlled life-sized dummies for practising medical procedures; a sluice room; reception desk; linen cupboard and assisted living area which allows students the opportunity to develop a range of skills.


Students are expected to wear a navy healthcare tunic, navy nursing trousers and a navy fleece and medical scrubs as well as their distinctive purple T Level lanyard.


We have forged close working relationships with the following providers who have engaged with the T Level Health programme:



 The Course:

All students will develop a general understanding of health and science:

  • working within the health and science sector
  • health, safety and environmental regulations
  • managing information and data
  • principles of good scientific and clinical practice
  • core science concepts including the structure of cells, tissues and large molecules, genetics, microbiology and immunology

Students will also learn about topics specific to health, including:

  • understanding the healthcare sector
  • providing person-centred care
  • supporting health and wellbeing
  • further knowledge of both human anatomy and physiology and of diseases and disorders
  • infection prevention and control


In addition to the core content, students will choose one of the following specialisms:

  • supporting the adult nursing team
  • supporting the midwifery team
  • supporting the mental health team

What our students say

"T level Health is a great course as you get to learn about your health and helping others. I enjoy this course as it really helps you get to know your body and people better!" - Nikol, T Level Health Science



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