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KS3 Overview

 In Years 7 and 8, students will study a broad spectrum of topics that focus on the development of key skills and concepts in science. These include:

  • Cells- The Building Blocks of Life
  • Eating, Drinking and Breathing
  • Mixing, Dissolving and Separating
  • Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
  • Forces and Their Effects
  • Energy Transfers and Sound
  • Getting the Energy
  • Looking at Plants
  • Explaining Physical Changes
  • Explaining Chemical Changes
  • Exploring Contact and Non-Contact Forces
  • Magnetism and Electricity

Progression through Key Stage 3 is measured by various means, including, standardised home works, formal exams and teacher assessment.  These are all used by class teachers to inform planning.

The Science Department VLE is full of materials to support the teaching and learning of Science throughout the Academy.

KS4 Overview

In Years 9, 10 and 11, students will study more in-depth topics that build on the knowledge and skills taught at Key Stage 3. Students follow the EDEXCEL Combined Science specification (awards two GCSE grades) or if they have are particularly gifted at science could be selected to follow the Separate Sciences course (awards three GCSE grades). 

Course Overview

For the Science GCSE’s, the students sit the following exams:


Combined Science

Separate Sciences


B1, C1 and P1

B2, C2 and P2

B1, C1 and P1

B2, C2 and P2

Time allowed per paper

1 hour 10 mins

1 hour 45 mins

Maximum marks per paper

60 marks

100 marks


Students wanting to study Triple Science will need to be confident in reading, writing and maths and above all have a passion for the subject.


Biology, Chemistry and Physics are all offered at A’ level.  All three subjects follow the OCR specification.

We also offer a Level 3 Applied Science BTEC course.

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