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University Academy


Pupil Reports

Annual Reports

Each year parents receive a written report about their child giving their exam results. Dates for these are as follows:

Year 7 May
Year 8 February
Year 9 April
Year 10 June
Year 11 January
Year 12 March
Year 13 March

Tracking Reports

Tracking for KS3 pupils is completed twice a year for Years 7 & 8 and three times in Year 9.  This gives a summary of a pupil's attainment and enables the pupil, with the subject teacher, to set targets for the future.  Tracking results are sent, by post, to parents.

KS3 Dates are as follows:

Year 7 December, February & March
Year 8 November, January & March
Year 9 October, January & March

At KS4, tracking takes place more frequently, in Year 10 three times a year and Year 11 four times, so that predicted and estimated grades are regularly discussed and, where pupils are falling behind in their efforts or progress, steps can be taken quickly to remedy the situation. Tracking is sent, by post, to parents.

KS4 Dates are as follows:

Year 10 November, February & May
Year 11

October, January & April

At KS5, tracking still takes place so that we can monitor effort and progress and intervene when students need help.

6th Form Dates are as follows:

Years 12 & 13

October & February

Report Terminology


For KS3 learners the level they have attained through recent work.

For KS4 learners a prediction of the GCSE grade that they are likely to achieve if they maintain their current level of work. 


For every learner for whom we have an Fischer Family Trust prediction, an indication of whether work is at the appropriate level. 


Learners are given a letter grade for the effort shown over the module as follows: 

4 - Excellent

3 - Good

2 - Satisfactory

1 - Unsatisfactory