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Drug & Alcohol support

The use of both legal and illegal drugs among teenagers and young adults is widespread. Teenagers are likely to experiment, test boundaries and take risks. Smoking, drinking and trying drugs are some of the most common ways in which many young people do this.

However, substance misuse is also one of the most common risks to a young person’s health and development. All drugs have the potential to cause harm, some can be addictive, and using drugs in combination can increase the risks. Legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco along with solvents which are easily accessible can be very addictive. Illegal drugs include cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and heroin.

There are things you can do as a parent to help your child develop a healthy and informed relationship with alcohol and drugs. But if you think your child may be using alcohol or drugs to help them cope with difficult feelings or mental health issues, speak to your GP for professional advice.

If you are worried about your child’s use of drugs or alcohol, we can support you with accessing the correct help. Please feel free to email the DSL team:

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