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T-Level Onsite Construction

Our Facilities

Our brand-new T Level Construction building is an on-site development which houses an impressive and extensive construction area that accommodates all the Construction Department’s multiple discipline requirements. The new building is multi-functional: brickwork and joinery/carpentry students use the building to construct the shell of a domestic property and electrical and plumbing students practise their skills by the installation of gas pipework, water systems and electrical wiring.

Working in this way allows students to gain real-time working knowledge in their area of expertise, and an appreciation of what other skills go into a house build. In addition to the remarkable working area, the building also accommodates a specialised classroom facility, changing and shower area and an office for teaching staff to work.


Students are expected to wear a green T Level branded polo shirt, grey fleece and black workwear trousers as well as their distinctive purple T Level lanyard.

The Course:

All students will develop a general understanding of construction, including:

  • health and safety
  • the science behind building design, surveying and planning
  • making accurate and appropriate measurements
  • construction methods
  • building regulations and standards
  • data management and information standards in construction
  • relationship management and customer service
  • how the Internet of Things (IoT) impacts construction
  • digital engineering techniques
  • mathematical techniques to solve construction problems
  • construction design principles and processes
  • the construction industry and its role in the economy
  • sustainability and the environmental impact of construction
  • business, commerce and corporate social responsibility

In addition to the core content, each student must choose one of the following specialisms:

  • bricklaying
  • carpentry and joinery

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