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Food and Nutrition - KS4

Years 10 & 11 - Food Prep and Nutrition

The course will provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to prepare and cook food safely using a wide range of different food commodities, cooking skills and techniques and equipment. It will help them to:

  • Demonstrate effective and safe cooking skills by planning, preparing and cooking using a variety of food commodities, cooking and equipment
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the functional properties and chemical processes as well as the nutritional content of food and drinks
  • Understand the relationship between diet, nutrition and health, including the physiological and psychological effects of poor diet and health
  • Understand the economic, environmental, ethical, and socio-cultural influences on food availability, production processes, and diet and health choices
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of functional and nutritional properties, sensory qualities and microbiological food safety considerations when preparing, processing, storing, cooking and serving food
  • Understand and explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions (traditional British and international), to inspire new ideas or modify existing recipes.

Schemes of work are available below.

Year 10 &11 Hospitality and Catering

This course concentrates on the hospitality and catering industry. You will develop the knowledge and understanding related to a range of hospitality and catering providers, how they operate and what they have to take into account in order to be successful. The qualification is graded L1 pass to L2 Distinction.* The qualification has been devised around the concept of a ‘plan, do, review’ approach so that students take part in practical activities in different contexts in order to learn the related theories. This approach mirrors many work related activities in the hospitality and catering sector and also provides for learning in a range of contexts. As such, the qualification provides learners with a broad appreciation of work in the hospitality and catering sector and wider opportunities for progression into further education, employment or training.

Curriculum Overviews are available below.


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