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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh's award (D of E) is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young people aged 14 - 25 regardless of gender, background or ability.

The award offers an individual challenge and encourages young people to undertake exciting, constructive, challenging and enjoyable activities in their free time. Pupils can join the group at the Academy from Year 10.

Participants follow their chosen activities, largely in their own time, with guidance from someone knowledgeable in the subject. Once the requirements for each section are fulfilled the participant qualifies for an award.

Achieving a DofE Award helps to bridge the gap between education and employment. Many companies view the DofE award as a mark of excellence when choosing candidate for an interview and use it as a development and training toll for their young employees for example - Rolls Royce and British Gas.

An independent survey of major employers rated the DofE as the most important extra-curricular activity young people could do at school, even above work experience. See

There are three levels of Award:

Gold, Silver & Bronze

Each level has four sections:

Volunteering - Skills - Physical – Expedition

Plus a residential project (at Gold only)


One important expectation is to volunteer to help others in a range of ways such as: helping in activities at the Academy or in the local community such in the uniformed groups: Scouting, Girl guiding, Army or Air cadets. Fundraising for charity and undertaking gardening for local councils are just two of the projects groups can do. A full list of possibilities will be provided as soon as the candidate has registered an interest.


This is completely up to the candidate. This involves use of brain/hands. Examples are model making, reading, music, sport appreciation, collections, woodwork, art and ICT. A full list of possibilities will be provided as soon as the candidate has registered an interest.


This sections requires that you undertake anything that requires a sustained level of physical energy and involves doing an activity. You are free to do this section independently or as part of a team. Examples of physical activity are: martial arts, running, walking, racket sports, team sports, individual sports, swimming and horse riding. A full list of possibilities will be provided as soon as the candidate has registered an interest.

Expedition section

The aim of this section is to inspire young people to develop initiative and a sense of adventure and discovery, by planning, training for and completing an expedition as part of a team. This means that the groups of 4-7 plan and undertake an expedition choosing an appropriate mode of travel to complete their expedition over the required number of days. Bronze expeditions take place in the Lincolnshire Wolds over two days. Silver expeditions take place in the White Peak Derbyshire over three days and gold are undertaken over 5 days in the Dark Peak Derbyshire and the Yorkshire Dales.

The Academy Duke of Edinburgh Award Groups

The Academy is lucky to have dedicated members of staff that volunteer to support the award at all levels. Training is undertaken at specified lunch time sessions where all information and support is afforded to all participants to ensure they are guided and supported in the quest to achieve their respective awards.

Candidates that wish to undertake the award are encouraged in the first instance to discuss their interest with the DofE award manager at UAH, Mr Lockwood

For further information see the official Duke of Edinburgh Award website:


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