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Religious Studies

Students in year 7 study all of the religions so they acquire a foundation for the beliefs and practices of all 6 of the world faiths.

KS3 - All students study RS

Year 7

  • Christianity
  • Judaism
  • Islam
  • Hinduism
  • Sikhism
  • Buddhism

Year 8

Topic 1: Beliefs about God and the meaning of life - Students study Hinduism and Christianity and look at beliefs about God and Life after Death

Topic 2: Rights and Responsibilities - Students look at equality and charity within Sikhism

Topic 3: Crime and Punishment - Students look at different types of crimes, punishment and the case study of James Bulger


Year 9 - Year 11

Students study the OCR Religious Studies course. Students look at two religions - Christianity and Islam. They study the beliefs and practices of both religions. Within a Christian context, students also look at Relationships and Families and Dialogue between religious and non-religious believers. Students study the following questions:

  • Do men and women have the same roles?
  • Is sex before marriage acceptable?
  • Should we study Atheism in school?
  • Is Abortion ethical?
  • How useful is interfaith dialogue?

A 2 hour written paper split into three sections:

  1. Christianity And Islam
  2. Relationships and Families
  3. Dialogue between religious and non-religious beliefs

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