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Homework Tips

Homework is often something pupils dislike but it is a good way of testing yourself to see how much of the lesson you have understood, and which bits you didn't. Don't worry if you did not understand a subject the first time but try and make sure you go over it with either: the teacher, a friend or some one in the family so you get to the bottom of it.

Having a lot more homework to do every evening is one of the big changes for you now you're at secondary school. What you have to do depends on each subject, but it could be anything from:

  • Reading carefully
  • Solving problems
  • Researching in reference books or on the internet
  • Making something to take in to a lesson


Take pride in your homework, it will have your name on it somewhere and will reflect on you as a person so do it to your best ability. Make sure it is clean, neat and tidy so teachers can mark it with pleasure and parents can see you are trying your best.


Don't do homework in front of the TV or while you are chatting online because you won't be able to concentrate properly and it will take you much longer. Clear a space somewhere, free of clutter, with enough room for your school books. The dining table, kitchen table or a dressing table in your bedroom can all be good places to do homework. Keep your school books in one place in the house too so you won't be rushing about looking for them first thing in the morning when you are half asleep!


Make homework part of your routine, it is best to do some every evening rather than letting it all pile up and worry you. Put homework in your planner and tick it off when you have completed it - a great feeling! Pack your school bag the night before so you don't forget to put your homework in and you have more time for getting yourself ready in the morning, it takes a bit of practise but makes life easier for you!


Talk to your family about the tasks you've got to do especially if you are stuck with something. Older brothers and sisters can be great helpers as they have often just done this themselves, but of course you may have to pay them back! Older family members may have hidden: knowledge, books and experiences that could help you with subjects that you are new to. If you have a lot of homework to do let your family know so that they can plan family events to give you time to finish your work!

More Information

There are many websites offering help on doing your homework, here are some of the best ones we have found:

Advice to Other Pupils

If you have found something that has really helped you in completing your homework share it with the school by contacting your form tutor.

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