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If You Go Down to the Kinema in the Woods Today…

UAH Students from years 8 and 9 recently enjoyed a fantastic trip to Kinema in the Woods.

Students were treated to a star-studded, supernatural screening of the RSC’s ‘Macbeth’. The coach journey through the glorious Lincolnshire countryside, took us to a hidden treasure of a venue that dates back to 1922. The Kinema is a shrine to golden age of film ; it’s a museum as much as it’s a Kinema. The students were able to treat themselves to hot popcorn, chocs and sweets, drinks and gifts. The trip was organised by Mrs Harmon who made sure that the accompanying staff were treated to lunch and a delicious coffee. Student shared their thoughts on the dark and dramatic production afterwards…Ava in Year 8 said: ‘It was dramatic and Banquo was intense!’ … Zak in Year 9 commented: ‘The actors were so good but so was the lighting and stage effects.’ For Year 8 students, the performance really brought their very recent classroom experience of the Scottish Play to life.  A huge thanks to Mrs Harmon and all the staff who enabled the trip to go smoothly. We look forward to many more exciting visits in to Kinema in the Woods .


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