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Saturday School January 2023-April 2023

Dear Parent/Guardian

As you are aware, the school has been successfully running revision classes on Saturday mornings to assist pupils in their preparation for examinations. I am pleased to inform you that over 85% of the current Year 11 have attended at least one of these sessions during the Autumn Term.

Pupils have found these classes to be very useful and an excellent source of support throughout the year. The value of such additional support cannot be underestimated and we hope that your child will take the opportunity to benefit from all the classes.

Attached is a list of the classes that will be available for your child to attend until the

Easter Holidays 2023. The classes are aimed at Year 11 pupils and run from 9am-12pm with refreshments provided in the school canteen.

Your child’s teachers will be available for all of the classes unless otherwise stated. 

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