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Rock School Music Level 3

Rock School Music Level 3

The Department has recently moved to RSL for its post-16 course.

Pupils study a two-year course: Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners

The Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners provide music industry qualifications that will equip learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding for entry into employment in the industry or progression to further study at a higher level.

We offer the Performance, Composition & Business pathways.

Aim of course:


  • Perform effectively on their instrument/voice.
  • Rehearse and display musicianship skills.
  • Initiate and develop repertoire.
  • Rehearse effectively and perform music live.
  • Understand contextual issues relating to music style, audience and the music industry.
  • Understand relevant aspects of music technology.


  • Compose and arrange music.
  • Initiate and develop repertoire.
  • Develop musicianship skills through using a harmony instrument.
  • Use computers and sequencing and recording software/hardware.
  • Understand contextual issues relating to music style, audience and the music industry.


  • Sound business and financial skills.
  • Marketing skills.
  • Understanding of music contracts.
  • Media communication skills.
  • Freelance practice.
  • Artist management and artist representation skills.
  • Event management skills.

Performing Pathway

Externally Assessed Unit - Rehearsal and Performance

Composing Pathway

Externally Assessed Unit - Composing and Sequencing

Business Pathway

Externally Assessed Unit - Music Promotion and Events Management

All Pathways

Internally Assessed Unit - Planning a Career in Music

Optional Units

There are a wide variety of optional units to choose from and you will probably study three or four. These include:

  • Music Performance to Camera
  • Lead Performer
  • Session Musician
  • Music Improvisation
  • Auditioning for Music
  • Leading Music Making Activity
  • Musical Director
  • Improving Instrumental Performance
  • Musicianship
  • Music Arrangement (Projects)
  • Composing Music (Styles)
  • Composing Music (Solo)
  • Composing Lyrics
  • Understanding Musical Influences
  • Understanding Musical Styles
  • Listening to Music
  • Music Dissertation
  • Music Instrument Development
  • Royalties and Music
  • Music Marketing
  • Music Promotion
  • Music Publishing
  • Understanding the Creative Process in Music
  • Music Press and Journalism
  • Music Management

5x GCSEs A* - C incl. Maths and English.

  • Working with Children (Child Care, Teaching Assistants)
  • Working in Care Homes
  • Cruise Ships – Entertainment
  • Entertainment at Holiday Clubs
  • Holiday Reps
  • Community Musician
  • Working in a Children’s Theatre Company
  • Nursing
  • Music Therapy
  • Working at an arts centre
  • Arts Development Officer
  • Arts Administrator
  • Stagehand/Backstage
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Events Management
  • Museum Curator
  • Working in an Art Gallery
  • Conductor
  • Classical Musician
  • Disc Jockey
  • Entertainer
  • Entertainment Manager
  • Music Composer
  • Music Conductor
  • Music Industry Promotions Manager
  • Music Teacher
  • Singer
  • Agent/Manager
  • Cinema/Theatre attendant
  • Entertainer
  • TV/Radio Presenter
  • TV/Radio Announcer