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  • Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers

    Published 20/03/20
    Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers Published 19 March 2020 Contents 1. Closures of schools, childcare and other educational settings 2. Exams 3. Vulnerable children 4. Critical workers 5. Resources
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  • Information on Key Workers

    Published 20/03/20
    Information on Key Workers Guidance for schools, colleges and local authorities on maintaining educational provision Published 19 March 2020 As a country, we all need to do what we can to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That is w
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  • School Closure

    Published 19/03/20
    March 19th 2020   Dear Parent/Guardian As I am sure you aware, the Secretary of State for Education announced that all schools will close on Friday March 20th at the end of the school day. This closure applies to all pupils with the exc
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  • Coronavirus update from the Department for Education:

    Published 16/03/20
    Please see below the updated guidance on COVID-19 from the DfE: Government announces move from Contain to Delay phase Yesterday, the Government announced that we are moving from the Contain phase of the coronavirus action plan and into the Dela
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  • Easter School

    Published 12/03/20

    Dear Parents/Guardians

    As you know revision lessons have been taking place, on Saturday mornings, for examination subjects. We have been very pleased with the response, and many pupils are realising how worthwhile and enjoyable these sessions are. The sessions will continue until the exams as indicated in the Saturday School Booklet.

    A further programme of revision will take place during the Easter break. This has become an established part of our calendar and it has proved to be both a beneficial and pleasant way of preparing for the final exams.

    It is the expectation that pupils commit themselves to a full programme of events that is relevant to the subjects which they are taking, unless there is a very good reason why they cannot attend on a particular day. Your child’s subject teachers will also talk to them about their need to attend particular classes.

    I have explained the timetable to pupils in assembly in order that they understand the importance of this programme.

    We ask pupils to pay a deposit of £10 that will be returned if all sessions are attended. To reward their efforts we will, in addition, give each pupil a free lunch and drinks and refreshments will be available every day.

    Each time a pupil attends a session, parents will be notified by text and pupils will be awarded with a merit for each session that they attend.
    In the event of poor weather or any other necessary cancellation, you will be notified on the school website or by text from the school only.

    We are very grateful for parental support with this initiative and know, based upon previous experience, that pupils opting to do booster classes will achieve much better results in August. Places are limited so early replies are necessary and places will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Yours sincerely

    S Paige


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  • Coronavirus update March 3rd 2020

    Published 03/03/20

    Please find a link for the most recent Coronavirus update and details of the helpline number for parents and young people: March 3rd 2020

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  • Coronavirus update from the DfE: February 27th

    Published 27/02/20
    3. Preventing spread of infection There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus. There are general principles anyone can follow to help prevent the spread of res
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  • Coronavirus update as of February 27th 2020

    Published 27/02/20
    Coronavirus (COVID-19): latest information and advice Information for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus in China, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms. Published 24 January 2020 Las
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  • Coronavirus Department for Education update: February 26th

    Published 26/02/20
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  • Advice Regarding Coronvirus

    Published 25/02/20
    25th February 2020 Dear Parent/guardian I am writing to you regarding the matter of coronavirus, prompted particularly by today’s announcement regarding those returning from Italy. I have spoken with Public Health England (PHE) a
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  • School Newsletter Term 3

    Published 13/02/20

    Please find attached the latest School Newsletter

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  • Spring-Summer Saturday School

    Published 13/02/20

    The new Saturday School Booklet for February to May 2020 has been sent home with Year 11 pupils today and will be posted home to pupils who were absent today. Returns need to be in to Pupil Reception by Friday 28th February. Please note that the printed version has an error – GCSE exams actually start on Monday 11th May 2020.

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