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  • Open Day / Evening

    Published 15/09/21

    This event has been postponed until Thursday October 21st. We look forward to welcoming Year 6 pupils and their families to the school  for our Open Evening at 6.30pm.

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  • Saturday School September - December 2021

    Published 13/09/21

    Dear Parent/Carer, please find attached the Year 11 Saturday School Booklet.

    Sessions start on Saturday September 18th. Your child has been given a hard copy to complete and return.

    Your child has also been invited to attend Intervention classes for English, Maths and Science. Many thanks, UAH.

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  • UAH School Newsletter Issue 8

    Published 20/07/21
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  • Performing ArtsUniversity Academy Holbeach

    Published 20/07/21

    Welcome to the Academy’s second Virtual Concert. This year has been really tough for everyone and in terms of the Performing Arts Department, we have had to be very creative about how we run our clubs and deliver our performances. As many of you will know, we have been hit with a lot of pupils who have had to self-isolate recently. However, we did not want this to stop us from sharing with you all that the pupils have achieved. Sadly, not everyone who has taken part in clubs is represented in this concert, but we can’t wait to see them in September and get back to making music together. As always, this concert features a wide variety of instruments and musical styles and we hope you enjoy everything here. We have also managed to mix everyone together for our “grand finale” of Memories, even some pupils who are not in school at the moment! Finally, we would like to wish you a great Summer!

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  • University AcademyHolbeach Newsletter

    Published 27/05/21
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  • Medicspot are raising money for the NHS

    Published 04/05/21

    Medicspot are raising money for the NHS through a competition to win £500 and the school to win 50 masks of the winning design, £5,000 will be gifted to the NHS, the age limit is 14 years.

    Pupils are able to download and print mask templates at home or there are some printed in the Textile room ready for collection, the final design can be uploaded via the website or, if all information is on the back Miss Dowell will unload for the pupils if returned to the Textile Room by 24th May 2021.

    For more information please follow the link below:



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  • Long Sutton Skate Park Project

    Published 19/04/21

    Hello, I’m Jake.

    I’m a student at UALS, a past pupil of LSCP and a keen skateboarder.

    I have started a project (with a little help from my mum) to get a ‘fun for all’ concrete skatepark built in Long Sutton.

    Why do we need a concrete skatepark?

    *A professionally designed skatepark is a great sports facility/meeting place for families, youngsters, teens, skateboarders, BMXers, scooters, picnic eaters, intrigued dog walkers and anyone from the community who wants to take a look!

    *Skateparks promote healthy and active lifestyles.

    *Skateparks are an opportunity for those who may not otherwise take part in exercise to increase their movement through play.

    *This skatepark would be an inclusive space, free to use destination, with a ‘day out’ feel for all.

    *This skatepark will be carefully designed to suit beginners through to advanced skateboarders/scooters and BMXers.

    *Skateparks are a great place to find positive role models.  You can make new friends with a common interest.

    *Skateboarding/scooting and BMXing are low-cost activities to get started.

    *Skateboarding/scooting and BMXing are hobbies that give a sense of achievement through small improvements.  They help youngsters find determination, gain resilience and learn how to set goals.

    If you like the idea, please sign our petition to help us show our local council that there is interest.

    Just click the blue link below.

    We have contacted the Parish Council and are meeting for discussion as soon as covid allows.


    Also, if you can, please like and share our Facebook group to help us raise awareness.


    Thank you very much for reading and I hope to see you one day at ‘The Long Sutton Skate Park.’ Jake.

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  • Long Sutton Cricket Club Training.

    Published 29/03/21

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  • Easter School 2021

    Published 23/03/21

    Please see the attached file for the Easter School Timetable.

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  • Saturday School February 2021-March 2021

    Published 26/02/21

    Dear Parent/Guardian

    The school’s established Saturday Classes have proved to be most valuable in supporting pupil progress.

    As we move to returning to face-to-face education, we are pleased to be able to continue offering these to pupils.

    Following the recent decision regarding Centre Awarded Grades additional catch up classes will support pupils in preparation for future assessments.

    Attached is a list of the classes that will be available for your child to attend for the rest of this term. The first two weeks will be remote sessions held via Microsoft Teams and pupils will be invited directly by their teachers if they are required to attend.

    From 13th March the classes will be held in school, face-to-face. They are aimed at Year 11 pupils and run from 9am-12pm with refreshments provided in the school canteen.

    Your child’s teachers will be available for all of the classes unless otherwise stated.

    A separate booklet will be issued during the term for Easter School which will run from Tuesday April 6th until Friday April 16th.

    Please could you complete and return the enclosed pro-forma (the last sheet) by Friday 12th March 2021 – this is for the in-school sessions only.

    There is a spare copy for you to retain for your records.

    In the event of poor weather, any cancellation will be notified on the school website or pupils will be notified via letter or email from the school only.

    A text reminder for the classes will be sent to parents/carers each week.

    Yours sincerely

    S Paige

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  • Art by year 9

    Published 12/02/21

    please find attached some fantastic work completed by year 9 students during remote learning on the theme of FOOD & DRINK.





    Well done everyone! 

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  • Half Term Activities

    Published 12/02/21
    Wednesday 10th February 2021 Dear Parent/Carer, Re: Ideas for Activities for pupils at Half Term With half term fast approaching, and latest guidance stating that schools will not reopen before 8th March at the earliest, we have collat
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