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Year 11 Revision Plans

Please find attached  copies of Revision Plans, to support those students who wish to prepare for their upcoming Progress Tests week commencing 7th October

These will be available for students who wish to use them as a Hard Copy from Pupil Reception on Monday 16th September at break & lunch times.

The following notes will help students when planning their revision:-

  • All students study 10 subjects (counting English Language & English Literature separately)
  • They need to enter each subject into the revision slots Monday to Friday
  • At the weekend they may choose any subject BUT perhaps weaker subjects or work from earlier in Y9/Y10 might be an option
  • If they follow the given plan, 30 minutes revision – 10 minute break – 10 minute recap this helps to place the revision undertaken into their long term memory
  • At the end of Week One, they can then plan revision for Week Two and so forth for Week Three. Hopefully by doing this they will be more prepared for their Progress tests