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Mr S Baragwanath

Principal / Science (QTS)

Miss S Paige

Vice Principal / MFL (QTS)

Mr L Davé

Deputy Vice Principal / Mathematics (QTS)

Dr S Milne

Assistant Principal / English / SENCO (QTS)

Mrs L Smillie

Assistant Principal / English / SENCO/ Child Protection Officer (QTS)

Miss D Allen

Assistant Principal / English (QTS)

Mrs H Pattinson

Assistant Principal / Head of Science (QTS)

Mr B Read

Senior Teacher / English (QTS)

Mrs N Lamb

Senior Teacher / Science / Apprenticeships (QTS)

Mr M Andrews

Head of Electrical Installations (Instructor)

Mr M Archer

English / Coordinator Accelerated Reading (QTS)

Mrs L Bacon

Head of Child Development (P/T) (QTS)

Mr S Brown

Construction (Instructor)

Mr M Carter

Art (QTS)

Mr G Chase

Humanities (QTS)

Mrs A Chilton

MFL / Student Support (QTS)

Mr S Brown

Construction (Instructor)

Miss A-M Clement


Mr P Colton

PE & Learning Coordinator for KS3 (QTS)

Mr D Cousins

Mathematics (QTS)

Mrs D Bacon

Hair (QTLS)

Miss R Daw

Science (QTS)

Miss J Day

Child Development (QTS)

Mr T Day

Construction (Instructor)

Mrs E Mason

Design Technology (2nd in Department) (P/T) (QTS)

Miss R Davies

Mathematics (2nd in Department) (QTS)

Mrs D Eccott

Head of Health & Social Care (QTS)

Mrs D Ellis

Food Technology (P/T) (QTS)

Mr M Elsom

Construction (Instructor)

Mrs S Gorton Humanities (QTS)

Mr S Grant

Mathematics (QTS)

Ms Z Granville

Art (QTS)

Miss S Graper

Head of Music (P/T) (QTS)

Mr H Green

ICT (2nd in Department) (QTS)

Mrs S Griffiths

Special Needs (P/T) (QTS)

Mr A Gunins

Mathematics (QTS)

Mrs J Haley


Miss E Hall

PE / Learning Coordinator for KS4 (QTS)

Miss R Hallam

Design Technology (QTS)

Mrs J Hallett

Head of Mathematics (QTS)

Miss S Harmon

English (QTS)

Mrs C Hedley

Head of Child Development (P/T) (QTLS)

Mrs R Hogan

Humanities / Head of History (QTS)

Miss H Holmes

English (QTS)

Mr D Horsfield

Science (2nd in Department) (QTS)

Mr P Horsfield

Horticulture (P/T) (QTS)

Mrs L Howard

Beauty (QTLS)

Mr P Howard

Pipe-work (Instructor)

Miss L Hunt

Humanities / Head of Geography (QTS)

Mr A Hicks

Religious Studies (NQT)

Mr M Hunter

Head of Design and Technology (QTS)

Mr M Jesson

PE / Learning Coordinator for KS4 (QTS)

Miss S Loughlin

Geography (NQT)

Mrs N Odedra

Head of Religious Studies (QTS)

Miss E Keyes

Art (QTS)

Mr N Kirtland

PE / Student Support (QTS)

Miss R Kirtland

Textiles (P/T) (QTS)

Miss G Layton

Humanities / KS3 History Coordinator / Assistant Learning Coordinator for Y7 (QTS)

Mrs C MacKinnon

Design Technology (QTS)

Mrs D Manton

Childcare (P/T) (Instructor)

Miss J Matthews-Bedford

Head of Hairdressing & Beauty (QTLS)

Miss C Marsters

History (QTS)

Miss L Mawer

Head of Pipework (QTLS)

Mr S Millington

Mathematics (QTS)

Miss B Mills

English (QTS)

Miss S Mirza

English (QTS)

Mr D Morris

Construction (Instructor)

Mrs L Oddie

Science / Sixth Form Learning Coordinator (QTS)

Mr C Palmer

Motor Vehicle (QTLS) / Assistant Learning Coordintor for KS4

Mrs H Payne

English (2nd in Department) (QTS)

Mr C Raitt

Science (QTS)

Mr G Raven

Head of Motor Vehicle (QTLS) / Assistant Learning Coordinator for KS5

Miss G Roberts

English (QTS)

Mr A Logie

ICT / Media (QTS)

Mrs J Chandler

Mathematics (2nd in Department) (QTS)

Mr D Rudge

Head of Construction (QTS)

Mr A Ruskin

Head of Art (QTS)

Mr J Sadd

Science / Learning Coordinator for Y7 (QTS)

Mrs S Sadd

Science (QTS)

Mr G Sandison

Humanities / Religious Studies (QTS)

Mr D Scoffield

Music (2nd in department) (QTS)

Mrs B Seymour

Head of English (QTS)

Miss J Stark

Business Studies / Assistant Learning Coordinator for KS5 (QTS)

Mrs N Stead

Mathematics (QTS)

Mrs H Stewart

Geography (QTS)

Mr M Tighe

Humanities/KS3 Geography Coordinator (QTS)

Mrs T Jukes

Head of ICT / Cisco (QTS)

Mrs N Odedra

Head of Religious Education (QTS)

Mr N Surrell

Science (QTS)

Ms M Smith


Ms R Smith

Health and Social Care (QTS)

Mrs K Masters

English / Fresh Start Coordinator (QTS)

Miss N Whitby


Mrs G Evans

Head of Business Studies (QTS)

Mr C Wilson

Head of PE (QTS)

Mr M Wilson

Mathematics / Foundation Learning (Instructor)

Mr P Unwin

History (NQT)

Mr T Willliams

Mathematics (QTS)


  S Earth PA to Principal
  M Vayro Education Welfare Officer
  P Anderson Office Systems Manager
  M Clare Finance Manager
  L Callister Finance Administrator
  A Palmer ICT Manager
  R Scarth ICT Technician
  G Tecklenberg ICT Technician
  S Lockwood Data Manager
  S Haynes Examination and Cover Officer
  S Borland Cover Administrator
  S Goodacre 6th Form Student Manager
  J Cornwell Administrator Main Reception
  N Furnell Administrator Main Reception
  T Coaten Administrator Pupil Reception
  T Chapman-Malkin Apprenticeship Manager
  K Broome Apprenticeship Assessor
  K Baillie Apprenticeship Assessor
  P Goodchild Apprenticeship Assessor
  M Sawyer Administrator Apprentice
  P Harcourt Site Manager
  A Lee Caretaker
  T Arnold Caretaker
  E Hilton Science Technician
  K Berry Science Technician
  J Baker Motor Vehicle Technician
  A Breeze Hair & Beauty Technician
  L Harcourt Food Technician
  A Holmes Textiles Technician
  S Ward DT Technician
  B Weed Apprentice  Construction Technician
  C Cardwell Catering Manager
  A Bridgen Catering Assistant
  L Cross Midday Supervisor
  A Goldsmith Catering Assistant
  S Mears Catering Assistant
  T Secker Catering Assistant
  C Slipper Catering Assistant
  N Toomer Midday Supervisor
  S Waudby Catering Assistant
  K Hansord Lead Learning Mentor/Asst Learning Co-ordinator
  D Cousins Learning Mentor/Asst Learning Co-ordinator
  C Weldon Learning Mentor/ Learning Co-ordinator
  S Andrews Teaching Assistant
  L Austin Teaching Assistant
  J Barr Teaching Assistant
  J Ford Teaching Assistant
  E Gedney Teaching Assistant
  A Johnson Teaching Assistant
  C Lane Teaching Assistant
  K Lawrence Teaching Assistant
  S Parsons Teaching Assistant
  L Popple Teaching Assistant
  L Sanderson Teaching Assistant
  J Wells Teaching Assistant
  D White Teaching Assistant
  F Greenwood Literacy Assistant
  R Sandison Learning Resource Officer
  F McBarron Learning Resource Officer
  E Kettlewell Learning Resource Officer
  M Koningen Cover Supervisor
  S Rate Cover Supervisor
  M Perkins Transport Supervisor
  H Congreve Lead Invigilator
  J Hemingway Invigilator
  C Williams Invigilator
  L Dunham Cleaner
  S Farr Cleaner
  P Farrell Cleaner
  T Fotherby Cleaner
  A Francois Cleaner
  L Gale Cleaner
  J Hewitt Cleaner
  L Bacchus Cleaner
  D Barker Cleaner
  L Hoole Cleaner
  S Hoole Cleaner
  M Pearson Cleaner
  L Ward Cleaner