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As part of the Academy's Career's Education Advice and Guidance we recommend some useful websites for pupils to research possible careers and roles in the workplace.




Careers A-Z

This website has useful information and job hunting agencies. Jobs can be searched for by career or alphabetically.

Talking Jobs

The Talking Jobs website combines life stories and labour market experience for young people to explore. The website covers 40 of the most popular career choices.

Careers Box 

This is a free online library of careers related film, news and information which aims to deliver the right information at the right time to careers advisers and job seekers.







This glossy website has lots advice, job profiles and entry requirements. There are also many articles and videos and quizzes on topics useful to job seekers or those deciding on career options.


A guide to careers, education and student life. This has many useful and clear job articles detailing: typical days at work, entry requirements, pay and the good and bad bits of each job.


A good website for 11-14 year olds. Taking a short fun quiz will gives you a personality profile which links your profile to similar profiles of professional people and their job roles within 3M.

Careers Advice and Options for KS4 

External Careers Advice


Lincolnshire Country Council's very helpful website Teeninfolincs also has a lot of helpful advice on careers for young people as well as a range of other issues such as: learning, work, health, housing, money, relationships and travel.

CfBT Careers Guidance offer one to one careers assistance and will be available to Year 11's in need of this during the year.

Internal Careers Advice

Careers advice is included in Citizenship lessons throughout school and all pupils get an opportunity to undertake an Enterprise project in Year 9 and attend an Industry Day which gives them an introduction to the world of business. During Year 9 pupils will select their subject Options for KS4 which will form the basis for future studies after Year 11.

Options After Year 11

There are lots of opportunities for young people after school for: full-time education, apprenticeships and work. It is important for pupils to start thinking early about what they would like to do after Year 11 and take every opportunity to visit colleges and schools on their open days, or investigate employment opportunities in their area they wish to work. Speaking to family, friends, teachers and the careers advisor will all contribute to this fact finding.

See the Teeninfolincs and the Direct.gov website for more information.

Work Experience in Year 12

Students now take part in the Work Experience Scheme in Year 12. This is a great opportunity to spend time in a workplace and learn what it means to be an employee. It is vital that students and parents discuss the choice of work placement very early and use whatever contacts they may have to secure the most interesting and useful work experience for themselves as each student is individual.

Options After 6th Form

For those students looking for help in finding careers or higher education we suggest the following websites may help:

Help with higher education www.ucas.tv or www.university.which.co.uk

Other opportunities www.notgoingtouni.co.uk