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University Academy


Long Sutton Skate Park Project

Hello, I’m Jake.

I’m a student at UALS, a past pupil of LSCP and a keen skateboarder.

I have started a project (with a little help from my mum) to get a ‘fun for all’ concrete skatepark built in Long Sutton.

Why do we need a concrete skatepark?

*A professionally designed skatepark is a great sports facility/meeting place for families, youngsters, teens, skateboarders, BMXers, scooters, picnic eaters, intrigued dog walkers and anyone from the community who wants to take a look!

*Skateparks promote healthy and active lifestyles.

*Skateparks are an opportunity for those who may not otherwise take part in exercise to increase their movement through play.

*This skatepark would be an inclusive space, free to use destination, with a ‘day out’ feel for all.

*This skatepark will be carefully designed to suit beginners through to advanced skateboarders/scooters and BMXers.

*Skateparks are a great place to find positive role models.  You can make new friends with a common interest.

*Skateboarding/scooting and BMXing are low-cost activities to get started.

*Skateboarding/scooting and BMXing are hobbies that give a sense of achievement through small improvements.  They help youngsters find determination, gain resilience and learn how to set goals.

If you like the idea, please sign our petition to help us show our local council that there is interest.

Just click the blue link below.

We have contacted the Parish Council and are meeting for discussion as soon as covid allows.


Also, if you can, please like and share our Facebook group to help us raise awareness.


Thank you very much for reading and I hope to see you one day at ‘The Long Sutton Skate Park.’ Jake.