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University Academy


Saturday School February 2021-March 2021

Dear Parent/Guardian

The school’s established Saturday Classes have proved to be most valuable in supporting pupil progress.

As we move to returning to face-to-face education, we are pleased to be able to continue offering these to pupils.

Following the recent decision regarding Centre Awarded Grades additional catch up classes will support pupils in preparation for future assessments.

Attached is a list of the classes that will be available for your child to attend for the rest of this term. The first two weeks will be remote sessions held via Microsoft Teams and pupils will be invited directly by their teachers if they are required to attend.

From 13th March the classes will be held in school, face-to-face. They are aimed at Year 11 pupils and run from 9am-12pm with refreshments provided in the school canteen.

Your child’s teachers will be available for all of the classes unless otherwise stated.

A separate booklet will be issued during the term for Easter School which will run from Tuesday April 6th until Friday April 16th.

Please could you complete and return the enclosed pro-forma (the last sheet) by Friday 12th March 2021 – this is for the in-school sessions only.

There is a spare copy for you to retain for your records.

In the event of poor weather, any cancellation will be notified on the school website or pupils will be notified via letter or email from the school only.

A text reminder for the classes will be sent to parents/carers each week.

Yours sincerely

S Paige