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UAH are very proud of this year’s DofE participants.

UAH are very proud of this year’s DofE participants of which there were bronze, silver and gold recipients at the recent South Holland DofE celebration evening. To undertake the DofE award and succeed at any level requires commitment, dedication, motivation and determination. The participants have had to plan and complete an expedition, volunteer, undertake a skills section in addition to the completion of a physical section. The culmination of all of the participants’ efforts result in them achieving a prestigious award at the level they have undertaken. This personal journey of development they have accomplished lends itself to many character traits that will help them strive for success in the future. These range from resilience, empathy, enterprise and leadership skills, all of which are a requirement to be successful in the 21st century. This group of generation ‘z’ students have demonstrated that they can go the extra mile and deserve our respect and admiration for they have all inspired and achieved.