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Children in Need (non-uniform)

Friday 16th November will be a Charity Fundraising Non‐Uniform Day.


Dear Parent / Guardian, 

Friday 16th November will be a Charity Fundraising Non‐Uniform Day. Students are asked to bring a £1.00 donation for the privilege of wearing their own clothes. All money raised will be for the charity BBC Children in Need. If every student in the school donated £1 we would raise over a £1000 towards the important work this charity does to provide support to lots of children in a wide range of situations.

Although students will be able to wear their own clothes for the day, we still expect a standard of clothing appropriate for the school environment.

  • Shorts and skirts must be of a suitable length that does not reveal too much of the thigh.
  • No clothing should be worn that reveals underwear or cleavage.
  • Clothes must not reveal the midriff.
  • Any slogans, text or images on clothing must not cause offence.
  • Hair must remain a natural colour.
  • Hats and caps must be removed during lessons.
  • The expectations regarding the wearing of jewellery, false nails and piercings must be adhered to

This means we do not expect inappropriate clothing such as cropped/short/revealing tops or T-shirts, or jeans with rips revealing thighs to be worn.

Should students not wish to wear their own clothes they can attend in full school uniform on the day as normal, these students will still be able to make a donation to the charity should they wish. Students should bring the donation with them on the day; this money will be collected during form time.

Yours sincerely

H Pattinson

Mrs H Pattinson

Assistant Principal